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🍇🍷TDWG WINE REVIEW: El Aviador - Tempranillo 2020 🍇🍷

A widely available, fully fermented to dry, red wine that can be drunk very easily ( little too easily) of an evening at home.

This cherry based hue of goodness with a tinge of violet, that comes out of the bottle is definitely worth looking at, with its 100% Tempranillo grape varietal from the Castilla y Leon region.

For this young wine, Pagos Del Rey carry out a cold pre-fermentation maceration to grab the required and targetted polyphenols. Fermentation takes place for upto 10 days at a controlled fermentation of between 22-24 degrees.

And then for the fun part - how does it taste?

Well, on the nose it is distinctly strawberries, raspberries, red cherries and then a touch of liquorice too. On the palate you are smothered with the same flavours as the aroma profile and are not left disappointed.

FOOD PAIRING: The structure and balance of this wonderful easy drinker would marry perfectly on a food pairing with red meats, rice dishes with deep flavours, cheese and most definitely TDWG sausage dishes too (see website for TDWG recipes).

Pricewise: This is still around the £10-15 area.

TDWG Rating: A solid 88/100 - good, dependable wine which is showcased as a young profiled red that can marry with many food types. Perfect for the week day drink in my opinion, especially as the nights draw in and you want something cosy to cuddle up next to!

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