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Have you ever looked at Fine Wine as an investment?

  • Looking for an asset class that is Capital Gains Tax EXEMPT? 

  • Used your ISA allowance for the year or want to look at growing your earnings by a larger percentage and looking for a tax exempt investment?

  • Looking for an asset that is non-business cycle specific and so acts as a perfect inflation hedge given global inflation levels?


     The Fine Wine Investment Market Facts (as of 15th Jan 2024):

  • Over the last 20 years since inception, the Liv-Ex 100 index is up 314.6%.

  • In the last 12 months, year on year, the industry has gone through a consolidation period which saw it lose 13.6% as a Liv-Ex 1000 broader wine index measure. 

  • However, we are starting to see a better outlook for fine wine, especially in light of Central Banks in developed countries likely to pursue cutting interest rates in 2024.

     So the returns are impressive but is it a safe asset?

  • Yes, provided you are using a correct fine wine market investment house. Typically, you physically will own the underlying bottles of fine wine. The fees attributable to buying those wines will cover your storage, transportation, insurance against all eventualities, portfolio management and advice. 

  • As with all market investments, they can go up or down in value, however the fine wine market is based on demand and supply rather than market moves or business cycles.

  • It is an alternative investment asset class, so we would always suggest a maximum of 15% be held in alternative investments based on your own personal total assets.

  • Looking to know more about investing in Fine Wine - ask The Northern Wine Guy by contacting us now.

  • Alternatively click on the below to find out more at Vin-X Fine Wine Investment.


Wine Menu Redesign 

  • Hospitality Clients - looking for some wine pairing ideas or a new wine menu to calibrate and compliment your new dishes?

  • The Northern Wine Guy is happy to look at redesigning a menu with access to wines directly from small sized producers as well as a range of imports and suppliers across the UK.

Fine Wine Investment

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