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'The Andy and Olly Show' 

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Andy, aka The Northern Wine Guy, and his good buddy and colleague, Olly (Head Winemaker at New Hall Wine Estate in Essex) have set out on a mission to better understand the mass variety of UK vineyards, speaking to their winemakers and outline similarities as well as differences between them. 

Their love and interest of all things winemaking has led them to create "The Andy and Olly Show," which is a live broadcasting event on Instagram (follow @thenorthernwineguy ) every Thursday at 6pm UK time for the upcoming Second Series. The first series - set out to speak to different winemakers from different vineyards within the UK.


The second series consolidated this notion, received sponsorship from Vin-X Fine Wine Investment and has branched out further. The third series we take you GLOBAL!

Understanding everything from wine offerings, to terroir, to preference in styles, to types of clones and varietals grown, as well as making friends for life in the global winemaking community and showcasing the talents on show.


We are available to download on Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple!

The Northern Wine Guy Podcast Show

Andy also has a second podcast namely 'The Northern Wine Guy Podcast Show' which looks at reversing the camera lens and microphone on the wine communicators, writers and experts to give us their views of what they actually drink of an evening. Moreover, it looks at how they got into the wine industry in the first place, their background story so that the audience understands how one becomes a wine industry expert and where they see value or opportunity in the wine regions going forward.

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