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WINE REVIEW: Alovini - Le Ralle - Agliancio del Vulture 2017

REVIEW: Alovini - Le Ralle - Agliancio del Vulture 2017

I had been wanting to try an Aglianico for some time and managed to locate this one....and boy did it pay me back in barrels!!

Medium ruby in colour, on the nose it had a medium aroma intensity profile - dictated by cedar wood, clove and white chocolate which first hit me. Swirled in the glass for a period, then brought the back fruit profile - cherries, currants and hint of bilberry.

However, on the palate was where this beauty really shinned! Tobacco, cherries, blackcurrants, leather and tar - booooom! Wowsers this thing had depth. Was that black forest gateau in a mouthful?

The flavour intensity was pronounced, this kept on giving as a full bodied work of art, high tannins, medium+ acidity, medium alcohol (although verging on pushing to high) - this could be drunk now (as it was with great enjoyment) or can be kept in the cellar for ageing.

The wine though is developed and I suggest not long further ageing given the tertiary profile already showing up in the glass but it may just soften those tannins a little bit further.

Grape Variety: Aglianico, black grape

Food Pairing: This needs something special to control the structure, do not be eating light dishes or poultry/fish with this one. This needs a nice Tuscan stew or rich veal dish or even a hearty meaty pasta dish to soak it all up!

Vineyard: Grapes are grown around 1,500 feet up around the inactive Monte Vulture volcano.

Avg Price: £12-13 a bottle.

TDWG Overall Rating: 91/100

Tremendous wine! Thoroughly enjoyable, one to have again and again but pick the right dish for the occasion!

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